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Director / Writer

Portrait photograph of the filmmaker Theresia Reinhold, a woman with short hair, black rimmed glasses. She smokes a cigarette, weares a leather jacket over her shoulder and sits in the woods.
© Franziska Barth, 2017

I am Theresia Reinhold, creator and driving force behind Information. What are they looking at? I am an independent documentary filmmaker, with a background in contemporary history and journalism. For the past 6 years I have been, and continuously am, dedicated to working on socially and politically meaningful topics.

In 2012/13 I travelled the USA for 3 months, researching and shooting Dreams & Pieces, a documentary exploring the interconnected relationship between racism and “The American Dream”. To maintain trust and intimacy between myself and my interviewees, I choose to shoot this film alone. Thereby I acted as a camera person, interview partner, writer and director. My goal was to create as much space as possible for natural, honest dialogue on a topic fraught with tension and anxiety.

Additionally, I have created and participated in a number of projects exploring under-addressed topics. One example is the film Underground Dance which portrays the fight of sex workers against governmental discrimination. As director, camera person and editor I was able to both form trusting relationships with the protagonists, and ensure integrity in the portrayal of their activist performance in the final piece.

Film festivals

Dreams & Pieces

  • 19th PORTOBELLO FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection) London, UK, August 28, 2014
  • 9th SUNSCREEN FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection) St. Petersburg, Florida, USA, May 1, 2014

Presentations at Conferences

LiMA 2017 by Linke Medienakademie, Berlin, Germany, April 2017

  • Workshop: Privacy is a human right (Link)

RightsCon by AccessNow, Brussels, Belgium March 2017

  • Presentation of “Information. What are they looking at?” (Link)



Dominik Wulf studied Philosophy, German philology and Cultural Sciences in Bochum and Hagen. He worked as an intern at ‘Medienprojekt Wuppertal e.V.’ where he shot and edited his first short documentary films (2008-2009). He finished education as a Design assistant in Wuppertal (2009). In 2011 Dominik edited the documentary Creativity and the Capitalist City (Amsterdam, 55min) by Tino Buchholz in Dortmund. After moving to Berlin in 2012 Dominik graduated as an audio-visual media designer (2015) and became a freelance film editor in 2015. The following year, Dominik became part of the ‘Layla Films’ crew editing the documentary Kosmonovski (Berlin, 77min) by Mumin Baris.

Sound Designer

Glenn Forsythe is a composer, sound designer, engineer and producer who works in a wide range of post-production services. His original compositions cross every genre border, from electronic music to traditional arrangements that create vivid atmospheres for film, video and multimedia applications. More than just a musician, Glenn has deep knowledge and experience in music technology and A/V systems: non-linear audio and video editing, film/video sound mixing, ADR, sound effect creation and design, to list just a few. Glenn has been a lifelong musician and multi-instrumentalist. At Berkley College of Music, he studied audio engineering and music synthesis, creating much of the foundation of his current work. In addition to the detailed work of virtual instrument creation, Glenn’s original compositions and production work have been the recipient of numerous awards and departmental recognition, including the Music Synthesis department’s Robert Moog award at Berkeley College of Music.

Socio-Cultural Advisor

Petra Weschenfelder holds a PhD in Northeast African Archaeology and Cultural studies and an MA in Cultural Anthropology. She worked in research projects in Sudan, Qatar, Egypt, Poland, Germany, USA and England with the British Museum, Museum of London Archaeology, Michigan University, Warsaw University, University College London Qatar and directed international research teams for the German Archaeological Institute and Humboldt University. Among her research foci is the agency of mobile groups, cultural revitalisation projects, climate change and migration, ethnohistory as well as the female agency in patrilinear societies. Petra presents her work at international conferences and publishes it internationally in journals and monographs. Recently she founded the company “Inspire with Insight” that provides insight on these and more topics for filmmakers, journalists and NGOs. Of interest for the film project are furthermore Petra’s insights and connections with disabled communities that she has from her previous engagement in assisting disabled social workers.

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